True Love

Every so often you have the lucky experience of meeting people who will change your life forever. Although they don't even realize this, Cortney + John changed mine. Their love for each other is the ultimate example of courage, commitment & strength. I recently met them at a wedding I was photographing for Cortney's sister. I learned that just a few short months after Cortney + John were married, John was in a a ski accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. It took just moments of talking with John to be captivated by his amazing,  gentle soul. I am in awe of their love together. At the end of the night, John came out onto the dance floor & Cortney sat on his lap.  As they were looking at each other, my heart swelled & I knew this is why I became a photographer, to capture moments like this. Thank you both for letting me share your story & your images. Your love for each other is just beautiful.