Becca + Jerral | Love in Stanley Park, Vancouver

'What is a friend?  A single soul dwelling in two bodies.'  ~Aristotle

I had huge butterflies in my stomach the day my best friend arrived with her boyfriend to visit me in Vancouver. I knew he was going to propose & I had to try really hard to keep it a secret.  On day two, the sun peaked out of the clouds & he knew that it was 'the' day. I watched with happy tears as they road off on their bicycles to ride around Stanley Park. The 1,000 acre park has the most gorgeous seawall path that stretches along the ocean for 6-miles. After passing Siwash Rock which according to legend, was once an Indian warrior, he knew it was time. They walked out onto Third Beach leaving their bikes in the sand & that is where Jerral got down on one knee. The sun had just opened up & it was a perfect moment. The next day they took me back to Stanley Park & we did a little photo shoot.  I feel so lucky to witness my best friend happy & in love! Life gives us many precious moments to treasure. Congratulations you two & can't wait for the wedding! xo