Celebrating Ceremony


Creating a meaningful space for ceremony is a rare & special talent. The energy, love & vision for a ceremony sets a beautiful tone for something that resides deep inside us. I have had the lucky chance to know the talented Modern Celebrant, Michele Davidson. As the officiant for my own wedding, I saw the process of what goes into her ceremonies. Our ceremony was planned over months of talking, writing & sharing stories. Michele weaved together our lives to create something unique & quite extraordinary. Over a year after our own wedding, the dress, veil & shoes are all tucked away in boxes, but the words of her ceremony still remain. It is a beautiful reminder of our own love & connection in this life. To be inspired, check out her website: www.moderncelebrant.ca.

'As BC’s first trailblazing Celebrant, I’ve come to clearly see that each couple crosses a symbolic threshold during their wedding ceremony. They leave behind one phase of their life and step forward to walk a new journey together. This is the path of marriage.' -Modern Celebrant, Michele Davidson