Nina + Rahim | Vancouver Wedding

Rich with a blend of German & Indian traditions, this Vancouver wedding was just incredible. I instantly loved this couple & felt like I had known them for quite a long time (thank you Raj for connecting us). They were married in a small ceremony at the Maritime Museum & continued onto the beautiful Jewel Ballroom at the Masonic Centre. This reception center is truly a hidden gem in the city with gorgeous views of False Creek & downtown Vancouver. Nina & Rahim truly made this their day & even made a stop in the limo at a local pub between the ceremony & reception to celebrate with friends.

I loved how they surprised their guests at the reception with traditions blending their two families together. It started with a Pokhwa or beetle nut ceremony where Rahim's mother bestowed good fortune & happiness to the couple by waving the four beetle nuts in front of them & discarding them towards the four corners of the earth. The second tradition incorporated Nina's German side with a Log Sawing Ceremony.  This ceremony symbolized how they will accomplish tasks together. I loved seeing a bride in her wedding dress sawing a log...very funny! They both proved to work very well together on this task. The last ceremony was a Saapatia, where a set of clay pots were placed in front of Nina & Rahim. The pots were filled with lentils (to symbolize bounty of nature), silver (denote material wealth), sugar (represent sweetness & harmony) & turmeric (a sign of good health). The couple must break the Saapatia with their feet in order to release the gifts they contain. Traditionally, the first to break to the clay pot will rule the house (which of course was Nina).

Thank you for sharing your incredible wedding with me Nina & Rahim.  I am certain from all the love & blessings from hundreds of years of tradition, you two will have the most beautiful, full life together!